We hope you're wearing your best clothes

And if you aren't? We got you. Each of our products is designed by two of Harry's most obsessed fans - and each order is made with every bit of that love and obsession, so we can make you as happy as He makes all of us

  • Little Freaks

    Horny 4 Harry? Call us Jezebel and check out our adult themed collection. Because it's a family show... or is it?

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  • Toys on Tour

    Your favorite childhood toys fit for their own Love on Tour. Kiwi Care Barry? Ken's House? Fully unhinged, and we love it. Check it out.

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  • Happy Pockets

    A collection of our favorite products featuring our custom handsewn Happy Pockets. Check out the Lyric Pocket Long Sleeves, with your favorite lyrics printed on the pocket and corresponding design on the back, and many more!

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Giving Back

We donate a portion of all proceeds every year to support initiatives promoting LGBTQIA+ rights and working to end gun violence in America.

Learn more about these initiatives, and how to get involved, below.

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Say Hi!

Don't see a color you want? Have a design in mind you'd like custom printed? Maybe a custom Love on Tour costume, or just want to say hi? Contact us below!