We are two best friends living in Southern California that are completely and fundamentally obsessed with our lord and savior, Harry Styles. Like, we're having his baby, and it's none of your business. 

We originally began designing Harry-inspired clothing and merch for our own purposes: after scouring the internet, we discovered there was a lack of reasonably-priced merch options for the more.. unhinged HS fan. 

After rocking (and giving away) some of our products at a few Love on Tour shows in Los Angeles we had requests from friends and fellow Harries to share the merch love with them. We quickly discovered that we loved the Harry fandom, and dressing the community, (almost) as much as we loved Harry himself. And so - Jonny's Place was born: to treat people with funky fresh fits (and kindness, ofc).

Thank you so much for visiting our store and for being a customer - it means the world to us. We have so much passion for this universe of love and fruit, a passion we know most of you share, and we are so honored and grateful to be able to spread some happiness through our fabrics. 

In an effort to give back, a portion of our profits every year is donated to initiatives supporting LGBTQA+ rights and working to end gun violence in America. Learn more about these initiatives here.

Jonny's Place is going to Love on Tour!

Stop by and say hi if you see us, or reach out for custom show-specific merch and accessories:

Tour Dates

Los Angeles, October 24, 2022

Los Angeles, October 26, 2022

Los Angeles, November 02, 2022

Los Angeles, November 09, 2022

Palm Springs, January 31, 2023

Palm Springs, February 01, 2023

Coventry, May 22, 2023

Coventry, May 23, 2023

Edinburgh, May 26, 2023

Edinburgh, May 27, 2023

Amsterdam, June 4, 2023

Amsterdam, June 5, 2023

Amsterdam, June 6, 2023

London, June 13, 2023

London, June 14, 2023

London, June 16, 2023

London, June 17, 2023